You can browse all the catalogs below which are written in Japanese. Please use the item numbers when you place an order with us. You can see the handouts of our new products. You can contact us via email. Please feel free to contact us in English if you are interested in our products. You can find our company information.
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Patchwork and Quilt Catalogue
Tools and materials for patchwork-quilt. Mother Land is our own brand, and we produce many items for patchwork-quilt. We also handle many items from Japanese suppliers such as Clover and others. Please feel free to ask us if we are in the position to secure what you want.
Stained Glass Quilt Catalogue
We have more than 50 designs for making Stained glass quilts.
To make a Stained glass quilt easier and enjoyably, we produce exclusive printed cloth "FUN and EASY" for stained glass quilt. We have 17 designs now. All the designs are
created by Mrs. Pine, a Japanese designer Nobu Pine.
Regular Solid Fabrics
Solid cotton Fabrics for patchwork-quilt, from eighty square, sheeting, cotton satin, moire, and others. We also handle our own original Cloud-blur print called "Hontaru-Murazome", which is best for Stained glass quilt and Hawaiian quilt. Regarding printed cotton we hanlde, please feel free to ask us. We import USA printed cotton fabrics directly from more than 20 USA suppliers. We also handle Japanese fabrics from Lucien and others.
Thread Catalogue

Color copies of various threads for patchwork-quilt and sewing.We have our Mother Land thread for quilting. We also handle Dual Duty, Metler, Coats, Guitterman, Shappe and others. You can find beautiful mixed colored thread, metallic thread, gradation thread, and so on.

Quilting Pattern Sheet

We import plastic Quilting Pattern Sheet from USA. There are various designs for quilting stitch. AK series are for square shaped quilt stitch, and BK series are for rectangle shaped quilt stitch.You can easily trace the line on the fabric you are making.

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Handicraft tools and Materials Catalogue
Zippers, clasps, tapes, cords, and metal parts for making handicraft items.
Beads and Beads Kits Catalogue
Cherrina is our own brand, and we produce many cute kits for making mascots. There are many kinds of plastic beads for making these pretty items. You can buy both kits and materilas.
Chirimen Catalogue
Chirimen is a Japanese traditional fabric originally used for Kimono, and we handle barious kinds of Chirimen for handicraft. We are a maker of handicraft kits made with Chirimen as well as tools for making these kits.
Bag Handles and Materials Catalogue
We are a manufacturer of our own brand Mother Land, and are producing many bag handles. There are leather handles, plastic handles, and wooden handles. We also handle various kind of bag making tools and materials.
Handicraft Kits Catalogue
We produce various kinds of handicraft kits made of fabrics. These colorful and lovely kits are full of originality and creativity, and they canot be found anywhere else! We can make English directions if necessary for more than 10 pieces order each.

Patterns and Recipes Catalogue
You can make pretty pouches and beautiful bags with these patterns. The instructions are written in Japanese, but we can translate it into English for orders above 30 pcs. per one style.