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About Kanda Shoji Co., Ltd.

Type of business: specialized trading company dealing in handicraft materials

<Company Information>
We are a Japanese trading company dealing in general handicraft materials, and exclusively in patchwork and quilting materials in Tokyo. We have a long career in handling and producing tools and materials for patchwork and quilt for about 20 years admiring originality. We also have been cultivating the market and talent with our own training school for quilt instructors from scratch.

<Original Brand>
We also are a maker of our own brands as follows:
 Mother Land: Tools for patchwork & quilt, handcraft kits, notions, & accessories
 Cherrina: Handcraft tools & kits, beads, bag making materials, & accessories
 Kanda Quilt World: Patchwork & quilting fabrics, design packets, patterns, and recipes
 Mrs. Pine: Stained Glass Quilt Designs & Stained Glass Quilt Printed Cloth "FUN & EASY"   

Retail stores dealing in handicraft tools and materials
Teachers of the above handcraft categories
Members of our own shops

Foreign suppliers: We have mainly been importing fabrics for patchwork-quilt directly from thirty-some textile companies in the USA for nearly twenty years.

Domestic suppliers: We have been buying in handicraft items from over one hundred Japanese manufacturers.